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PawPride Pet Cooling Bed Mat (Large)

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£24.99 - £24.99
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  • Thermo-cooling technology: the multi-layer cooling gel-pad is the must have element to this pet bed, it can help your pooch all year round but especially in the summer.
  • Heat absorbing: drawing in al of the heat from your pet, this cooling pet bed provides more comfort for your pet puppy dog or cat in the warm summer months, avoiding discomfort for the fur babies.
  • Scratch resistant: super high-quality fabric to ensure that this comfy pet bed is suitable for all dog breeds!
  • East & quick to clean: wipe clean in seconds when your pooch gets the bed a little dirty or perhaps rolls in mud!
  • Water resistant: no soggy bed here! The Pawpride cooling bed will stay comfy for your dog puppy cat or rabbit even if they have an accident involving liquid.