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Spear & Jackson - Bulldozer Broom Dual Purpose Sweeper

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  • THE ONLY BROOM YOU’LL NEED: With its sturdy, strong design and lightweight properties, whether you need to quickly clean up a mess, or you need to do some extensive sweeping at home or in a more industrial environment, then this is the broom for you.
  • MULTI PURPOSE BROOM: This heavy duty broom boasts a mixture of soft and firm bristles for effective sweeping of both fine dust and large pieces of debris. This hard wearing, dual purpose wide brush broom features split-tip polypropylene and PVC fibres.
  • FOR JOBS OUTDOORS & INDOORS: The Bulldozer Broom’s brush consists of bristles that have stiff inner fibres so that you can sweep on rough surfaces such as concrete, pavement and asphalt. The outer fibres are soft, ideal for sweeping up fine dirt and dust.
  • HIGH QUALITY HANDLING: The sturdy Bulldozer Broom features a high quality steel handle with an ergonomically designed grip bracket to secure and prevent damage to the handle. With such a state-of-the-art handle, all clean up jobs will be a breeze.
  • EASY STORAGE: Each broom is fitted with handle storage clips for easy storage, so that you can clip it vertically wherever you please, giving you the best storage option to keep your broom safe, secure and ready to use again.