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5,400mAh Battery Power Bank

by iN Tech
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  • PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION: This Universal Portable External Power Bank from iN TECH is the ideal travel buddy. Its lightweight construction makes it perfect for the frequent traveller that needs to charge multiple devices at once whenever, there is no electric outlet to be found. Whether you travel by air, land, or sea, this Portable Travel Battery has your back. 
  • TWO USB PORTS: Other Powerbanks only allow the user to charge one item at a time. The iN TECH Power Bank features a Dual USB Port, meaning you have the ability to charge not just one, but two different electronics, at the same time. No need to compromise, charge all of your beloved electronics. 
  • LCD DISPLAY: The illuminated LCD Display of this External Power Bank allows the user to know how much battery that they have left. Never worry about your losing battery without warning, the LCD Display will keep you updated on exactly how much charge you have left. 
  • FAST-CHARGE: The iN TECH Portable External Power Bank has a 5,400 mAh capacity with the ability to charge 2 devices simultaneously. Providing up to 2 full charges on your smartphone or tablet (actual results vary slightly depending on your device’s battery capacity) with a 500x charge lifecycle you will never miss that call or go without music on your way home with this handy, reliable portable charger.  
  • INCLUDED MICRO USB CABLE: Not only will you receive your iN TECH Portable External Power Bank with its LCD Display, but also included is a bonus Micro USB Cable to ensure that a wide variety of your favourite electronics can be charged remotely. Keep your Android devices, and headphones easily charged.